Two older cornsnakes looking for loving homes

Categories: No Place Like Home

Phone number: 7076230482
Pet’s Location: Novato
Pet’s Species: Reptile
Pet’s Name: (unnamed)
Pet’s Breed: cornsnakes
Pet’s Color: Red/black
Pet’s Weight/Size 4 feet and 5 feet
Pet’s Age: 16 years
Pet’s Sex: Male
Spayed/neutered: No
Microchip: No
About the animal:

I am helping a friend place his two 15-16 year old Cornsnakes. They have spent their entire lives in acceptable but very simple and un-enriching environments and I would like for them to spend their retirement in something bigger and better.

You can see the enclosures I have them in here at my house and they LOVE it- they are always out exploring, climbing, basking, and hunting for food. They are active and super fun to watch as they traverse their branches and burrow through the leaf litter, they are great display animals.

The red one is quite large and I believe it’s a male, and the darker anery is smaller, and I think is female (I have not sexed them recently, this is what I was told). They have strong feeding responses but are easy to handle once you get them out. They eat frozen/thawed mice.

I will require at a photo of what they will be living in to be sure it is ideal. I am also happy to help an adopter find a good enclosure and give guidance on setup if that’s helpful. They definitely do not need to go to the same home but if they do they must be housed separately.