Sweet Shy Special Kitty will Love You Furrever

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Phone number: 5102898220
Pet’s Location: Benicia
Pet’s Species: Cat
Pet’s Name: Summer
Pet’s Breed: DLH
Pet’s Color: Brown Tabby
Pet’s Weight/Size 8 lbs
Pet’s Age: 6 years
Pet’s Sex: Female
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: Yes
About the animal:

Summer is a sweet 6-year-old girl who was living outside for the last few years. Her person moved, couldn’t take her, and surrendered her to our rescue. She is a long-haired kitty and when she came to us, she had many mats and needed to be groomed, so her fur is still growing out.

When she first was brought to us, there were no available foster homes, so Summer was in the Pet Food Express cat center for a few months and the transition was difficult. Now she is in a foster home and adjusting to life indoors with a single person caring for her. Every day she comes out of her shell a little more. She is a shy kitty and still getting used to the indoor environment.

Summer’s a purr machine and leans into chin scratches, head and full-body rubs. She likes being brushed gently as well. She does get over-stimulated quickly and therefore breaks are needed to help her feel comfortable. In between petting sessions, she loves to play by following cat teasers on a stick and the laser toy. She enjoys independent relaxing in her own space but will also cuddle up next to her foster for a cat nap.

Summer is FIV positive which just means that she will need to be fed healthy food and have her health monitored with annual vet visits. Transmission of FIV is only possible through deep puncture wounds (if she were to get into a fight with another cat) and is not transferable to humans. Otherwise, Summer will live a normal life. Unfortunately because she doesn’t get along with other cats she would do best as the only cat in the household. Summer will need to be an indoor only cat.

If you have any questions or would like to meet Summer, please contact her foster Donya, josefina.dandelion@gmail.com and we can arrange a meet/greet at Pet Food Express Benicia.

Can you give Summer a loving furrever home? She will be grateful for a new indoor home and family and will give you much love in return.