Sweet girl looking for new home

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Email: megplus4boys@gmail.com
Phone number: 610-888-1218
Pet’s Species: Dog
Pet’s Name: Avalon
Pet’s Breed: Queensland Heeler/Lab mix
Pet’s Color: white/tan/brown
Pet’s Age: 3 years
Pet’s Sex: Female
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: Yes
Tell us about your animal:

Meet Avalon, our sweet girl who bring us so much happiness but sadly needs to be re-homed.

She was reported to be a Queensland Heeler/ Lab mix and is up to date on all vaccines. Her estimated DOB is 10/4/15 and was spayed and chipped in October, 2018. She was found in Merced County and we assume she was on the streets most of her life. She had just had puppies when we got her.

She is very hard of hearing (not quite deaf) but responds to many commands and is a quick learner. She is about 39 pounds and all muscle! She will sit and stay and we use a thumbs up signal when she does good things. She loves to sit in the sun and have her belly scratched.

We love her very much and have been working to socialize her to other dogs. She does well with larger dogs when off leash. She’s not great on a leash and not great with smaller dogs. She plays nicely and also roughly at times but all in good fun! She loves to play ball and is getting better at bringing it back to us.

She sleeps well, 12 hours a night in her crate…one of her favorite places. I think she feels safe there. She is house trained. Because of her poor hearing it is important not to startle her or she will react negatively.

Avalon is very connected to me and does well with our family except our youngest son who is 10. She seems to believe she is above him and so has nipped at him a few times. It would be best if she was re-homed to someone without young children.

She also seems to want to herd as much as she can so a large yard or farm situation would be great for her. Maybe a home with another herding dog would be a good fit.

It is breaking our hearts to let her go but we have to worry about her hurting our son or other smaller children and do not want her to suffer if she does do that.