Playful and Adventurous Oscar!

Categories: No Place Like Home

Phone number: 4153786432
Pet’s Species: Cat
Pet’s Name: Oscar
Pet’s Breed: Tabby
Pet’s Color: Orange and White
Pet’s Age: 12 years
Pet’s Sex: Male
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: Yes
Tell us about your animal:

Gorgeous boy Oscar is searching for a new home with someone that can give him all the love and attention he craves and deserves. Oscar is friendly and engaging and will bring you lots of laughter and joy! We are moving from our home on 2 acres to a home with a small backyard in a residential neighborhood. Oscar loves to be outside during the day and he goes on his adventures and hunts up a storm with the gophers and other rodents in the fields. We think Oscar would be quite happy having a nice backyard and safe neighborhood to explore, however sharing that space with our four dogs just isn’t ideal for him or the dogs.

Oscar is around 12 years old, we’ve had him a little over 3 years – he had been on the streets for about three months when he showed up at our house one day. We ended up speaking to his owner and she had not taken good care of him at all – she told me he was attacked by their dogs and her grandchildren would also mistreat him! We’re more “dog people” but he was a nice boy and since the owner couldn’t provide him a safe home, we decided to keep him with us. He has lived with up to six dogs at our house, and as long as he knows you will keep him safe, he can easily live with a dog that is respectful and doesn’t chase him.

Oscar has a lot of personality – he’s very playful and loves you to “noodle” with him and play other interactive games. He enjoys catnip toys and he uses cardboard scratching boards a lot – he has never scratched on the furniture. He also loves to cuddle up with you and he makes biscuits when he is particularly happy! He likes to head butt you and give lots of body rubs – he’s very affectionate and likes company. Oscar is perfect for someone ok with him coming and going during the day, and who wants company in the evenings – he’s a very easy going cat. He sleeps inside at night and he comes when he is called, happily meowing away, it is adorable! He would love someone that would enjoy a sleeping companion, but he is also happy in any number of other places in the house.

Oscar doesn’t have any health issues, is up to date on vaccinations, and is neutered and microchipped. Although he is a “senior”, you certainly would never know it with this active boy! Oscar would do best in an adult home, or a home with older kids. He is patiently waiting to meet you!