Oreo – Staffy Mutt

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Email: ejgraphics@gmail.com
Phone number: 3104635613
Pet’s Location: 94121
Pet’s Species: Dog
Pet’s Name: Oreo
Pet’s Breed: Staffy, Hound, Husky mix
Pet’s Color: Black and white
Pet’s Age: 2 years
Pet’s Sex: Female
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: Yes
About the animal:

Oreo is an amazing dog she just have specific needs. We believe that an ideal home for her is outside of the city where it is quieter, less traffic and less dogs on the street due to her reactivity on leash. She does well inside the home but does need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. We FEEL REALLY STRONGLY that Oreo will do better with a home with another dog as a playmate. She has successfully lived with other dogs in her past. She is social with both people and other dogs, though her dog playdates have only been 1:1 and off-leash. She has extreme leash reactivity (see notes below)

Oreo definitely still has puppy playfulness, she loves to play with balls, stuffed toys and puzzles. She loves belly rubs and sometimes sleeping on her back with legs in the air. She can jump about 5 feet into the air just standing in place and when she runs, is very graceful and leaps and bounds occasionally covering distance very quickly. She is very smart and learns very quickly. She is house trained along with knowing many commands and tricks (come, sit, down, stay, wait, give/drop, go get it, bed, hungry, touch, mark, etc.) She is extremely curious and wants to know what you’re doing. She didn’t start out as a cuddler and still likes her space on the sofa but occasionally cozies up between us. She loves giving kisses and pawing at you when she wants something. She is very expressive with her eyes and body as well as being vocal. She does not bark except for hearing the mail slot but she whines and yawns, letting us know when she is bored and wants to play or needs to go out.

Unfortunately, when on leash is when we have behavioral problems with Oreo. Walking her in the city passing many dogs on leash has been extremely problematic causing her to lunge, bark, growl. Oreo is extremely strong. My wife who is petite, has not been able to control her when she reacts towards other dogs. She has also pulled her quickly down stairs. We walk her on a halti collar OR a body harness but she is still extremely strong and does not have good leash manners. She occasionally jumps up if excited though she knows the command “off” and responds well. Other things to note: Oreo is a little afraid of water. She can be a bit mouthy when she plays, but does not bite. She has strong small prey drive.

Dr Wailani Sung at SF SPCA, diagnosed her with:
1) Separation anxiety
2) Arousal behavior directed towards other dogs

We have been working with Dr. Sung and trainers for both issues + medications. Dr. Sung will offer follow-up treatment to Oreo’s new caretakers through the new year.

We understand that we need a unique person to take Oreo in but she is worth the work, and we are heartbroken that we cannot provide for her during this time of devastating loss in our family. We have photos and videos of her behaviors that we are able to share as well to ensure she finds the right caretaker.