Oh Behave

Cat Behavior Consultations

Are you considering getting a second cat but not sure it’s a good idea?

Dog and cat relaxing on the bed

Does your kitty sometimes not use the litter box?

Is your cat keeping you up at night?

Does your kitten bite and chew your hands?  Attack your ankles?

Wondering about how to relieve the stress of moving for your feline(s)?

Would you prefer your cat not to scratch the furniture?

Are your cats not getting along?

These are just some of the issues we can help resolve in a cat behavior consult.  Quick topics can be answered over the phone.  More extensive topics can be done at Marin Humane or in your home.   In some cases we will need to see you and your cat’s environment to be able to offer advice. 

Call us at 415.506.6284 or email CatBehavior@MarinHumane.org to get started.