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A beautiful and mysterious visitor In Neil’s previous blog about mistaken identities it was brought to light that many cats share similar physical characteristics. This came home to roost for me, quite literally, when one of my neighbor’s cats went missing and a cat who fit his description showed up in our garage, then took to visiting our deck chairs when the sun was hitting them just right. The neighbor’s missing cat is a young, svelte grey tabby with [...]

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Kitties, like people, are thankful for each other To mark the holiday when we give thanks for all of our good fortune Dawn, Neil, Susie and I are sharing those things for which we are thankful. Our styles differ, but our sentiments are universal; we suspect you will share many of the same . To get the gratitude party started I am thankful for our readers. Whether this is the first time you are reading our blog or you’ve [...]

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Poisons That Can Kill our Pets

Yumyum sports cautionary couture With the Festive Season around the corner and Thanksgiving in the air, it’s time to make sure we don’t expose our pets to poison hazards from candies and other potentially toxic treats left carelessly around the house.  Most of us know that chocolate and macadamia nuts can be toxic – but there are other goodies too that can cause serious harm.  Like grapes and pastries containing raisins, currants and sultanas.  Or - heaven forbid – [...]

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Trick or Treat

Seriously, Mom? In addition to pumpkin spice everything and home and lawn decorations that threaten to overtake Christmas, costuming pets is definitely on the rise. Instagram is flooded with adorable photos of everything from cats dressed as Cher to Chihuahuas sporting French berets and paint pallets. Winston For our first Halloween blog we thought is would be fun to show a smattering of the ways in which people adorn their four legged companions and offer hints and [...]

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Waiting for more active hikers and bikers to pass Recently, Dawn and Kim found themselves on separate but equal rants about interacting with the world at large when out and about with our dogs. At the risk of putting out negative vibes we thought some of our readers might have similar experiences and feelings about it all, so without further ado here are a couple rants and hopefully a smattering of humor along the way. Dawn: One of the [...]

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Mistaken Identities

Things don’t always work out the way you think they should – a situation that happens quite a lot when it involves dogs and cats.  It’s a lesson I and some friends have learned with a bit of pain followed by a few embarrassed giggles. My own lesson came when I was working in the garage of my son’s terraced house in Bernal Heights, San Francisco.  The garage opened out to one of those steep streets they have there.  As a [...]

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