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Every life counts.

Our shelter animals are more than statistics; each one has a name and a story. Here’s how we’re doing:

Marin Humane Shelter Statistics

Shelter statistics

Looking for more data? We have published our full 2017 shelter statistics.

As part of our commitment to transparency, Marin Humane participates in the Shelter Animals Count project, a national database for shelter statistics. Please note that these numbers include owner-requested euthanasia, a compassionate and low-cost service we offer to the community.

Why doesn’t Marin Humane call itself “no-kill”?

While we could call ourselves “no-kill” based on our shelter statistics, we’ve chosen not to as we consider this label misleading and divisive.

We do not euthanize animals for space or based on how long they’ve been at the shelter. We only euthanize in cases where there is great suffering, or when dangerous behavior cannot be modified. This criteria is the same as most shelters who proclaim to be “no-kill.”

We make these decisions under strict protocols and only after all other options have been exhausted.