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Honoring Otis

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Dylan Sason made a donation of treats and money from his piggy bank in honor of his dog Otis who just passed. Thank you, Dylan – Otis would be quite pleased that you are helping care for his doggie friends at the shelter.

Featured Volunteers – Veterinary Clinic Volunteers!

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“No Food, Going to Surgery!” It’s 7am, Bradley the dog is just waking up, Lilly is already up getting ready for school. He goes out to the kitchen where mom is making breakfast, his bowl is missing, and he looks at her with an expectant face. She is talking to him, though he doesn’t understand …

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Handmade toys

Categories: Blog, Compassion In Action
Elizabeth made a bag full of fabric dog and cat toys for the shelter animals. She had been making them though her school, but when her school stopped the project she continued making them at home by herself. We applaud your commitment, Elizabeth! The shelter animals can’t wait to have fun with their new toys.