Loving adult dog looking for mellow home

Categories: No Place Like Home

Email: crayprice@gmail.com
Phone number: 4152469507
Pet’s Species: Dog
Pet’s Name: Kaya
Pet’s Breed: Pitbull mix (maybe mixed with whippet)
Pet’s Color: Orange and white
Pet’s Age: 8 years
Pet’s Sex: Female
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: Yes
Tell us about your animal:

Kaya is a lover – can be nervous at first but quickly warms up. She currently lives in a busy home (with a 2 year old toddler), but needs to be in a mellow home with no kids. She loves to go on walks, runs and loves to chase the tennis ball. She is crate trained, house broken and up to date on all vaccinations. No health problems. She is 8 years old. She doesn’t do too well other dogs – she likes her space. She’d be the happiest in a home with just adults. The reason why we need to rehome her (I’ve had her since she was 12 weeks) is because she is very nervous around my 2 year old (she’s always been a bit nervous around kids) and has had some recent and new behavioral problems because of it most likely out of jealousy.