Looking for a friend

Categories: No Place Like Home

Email: jennifer.silvera@gmail.com
Phone number: 4155597132
Pet’s Species: Dog
Pet’s Name: Winnie
Pet’s Breed: lab mix
Pet’s Color: Black/ white
Pet’s Age: 3 years
Pet’s Sex: Female
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: Yes
Tell us about your animal:

We adopted Winnie from a foster family 3 years ago when she was just about 3 months old and my daughter was about to head to college. Since then she has been living in our home in Woodacre. Winnie needs a companion. She is the most docile, gentle courageous dog I have met. Although I don’t know her exact history its clear that she has experienced some sort of trauma. What is clear to me is that she has attachment issues. What I mean by that is that although she tolerates me, its clear that she needs to be with a pack. When I am out of town and she is with the dog walker, in the pictures I see a totally different dog. She is confident and playful. Alone with me she is depressed and lethargic. She is with me the majority of the time so is good in social situations. Specifically, she is quiet, she rarely barks and has never even made a growl sound. She has been around children and although timid, has never exhibited aggression at all. I have been struggling in making the decision to re-home Winnie and I have come to the conclusion that it’s what is right for Winnie as I am not at all in the position to have another dog. She is potty trained, sleeps in a dog bed unless you allow her on the bed. When alone she sleeps most of the time and with other dogs she just likes to play. She has no dietary problems and is up to date on all of her vaccinations and has been spayed. Although I dont think she “likes” being in the car, she tolerates it well as we commute to SF daily. She’s a really good dog, she just needs a friend. I feel as if I am keeping her captive as she often escapes to my neighbors homes but only to be with their dogs. Once, she is with a dog she has no desire to go anywhere. Please help. I am forever feeling like I cannot give her what she needs and all I want is for her to enjoy her doggie life.