Jaycie, relaxed old girl who needs a safe home.

Categories: No Place Like Home

Email: aslesenjana@gmail.com
Phone number: 7077086214
Pet’s Location: 94947
Pet’s Species: Cat
Pet’s Name: Jaycie
Pet’s Breed: American Shorthaired
Pet’s Color: Black, white bikini markings
Pet’s Age: 10 years
Pet’s Sex: Female
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: Uncertain
About the animal:

Jaycie is about 10 years old and likes to sleep inside and go on garden adventures. She’s friendly with other cats and dogs if slowly introduced, and she’s fine with calm kids. Her previous owner died and she needs a new, safe home. She is an indoor-outdoor cat but she’s at retiring age. She’s more interested in sleeping in sunbeams than stalking lizards. She eats wet food now, since loosing a couple of teeth, and has had no record of illness.