Get Involved

When you contribute to Marin Humane, you do more than you think.

Whether we’re reuniting lost pets with their worried families, adopting homeless critters into new, loving homes, or giving sick or injured animals a second chance, your contribution is what makes it all possible. Your generosity also brings the joy of animals to seniors and the homebound through animal-assisted therapy, teaches young people about the responsibilities and rewards of having companion animals, promotes coexistence with wildlife, and so much more.Print

Make a memorial or honor gift.
Honor a loved one or pet with a tribute gift to Marin Humane. This is a perfect way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and accomplishments.

We will not disclose the amount you have given unless you ask us to. If you have any questions, please call 415.506.6231.

Donate Items
Marin Humane gladly and gratefully accepts:

  • Gently used towels to keep animals dry and clean
  • Cat and dog food, canned or kibble (no open bags, please) for our pet care assistance program
  • Generators for emergency animal care and sheltering
  • Monthly storage unit for disaster supply and other storage
  • Newspaper to line animal cages
  • Cat and dog carriers
  • Cat Litter for pet care assistance program.
  • Yoga mats for dog training classes.

Purchase items through GOODdler to be sent directly to the shelter.