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Some of our animals need a helping hand from a foster parent before they can find their forever homes.

Our Hopalong Foster Care Program is devoted to finding care for our most vulnerable critters.

Learn more about our foster program. What is a foster parent?
A foster parent is key in helping an animal who isn’t quite yet ready for adoption because of illness, injury, age, or behavior. It could be a cat who’s nursing her kittens and needs a quiet, safe place, or it might be an extremely shy dog who hasn’t quite come out of his shell. Bringing a foster animal into your home often requires a commitment of up to several weeks, but it can be one of the most rewarding things an animal lover can do!

Fostering is not for those who just want to “try out” adoption before making a commitment – it’s for those who want to help care for and nurture our special animals.

How long is the foster commitment?
Fostering might last from a week to a month or more. The length depends on each animal’s situation. Most animals come back to the shelter every two weeks for vaccinations and some come back during the day to meet potential adopters.

What types of foster situations are there?
You might take care of a dog recovering from orthopedic surgery, a kitty with upper respiratory problems, an underage animal who needs time to grow big and strong, new moms feeding and raising pups or kittens, or one who we’re working with on behavior issues or socialization.


Are there any expenses for a foster parent?
Nope – we furnish all of the supplies, you just provide the TLC!

What if my foster animal needs medical care?
Our veterinary staff provides all medical care, though we may send you and your foster pet to an offsite veterinary hospital for additional treatment.

How do I become a foster parent?
First, attend a general volunteer information session. This session, or volunteer orientation, will help you get to know us better and we’ll outline our current volunteer opportunities, including fostering. You can find out when our next volunteer orientation will take place on our main volunteer web page. Once on this page, you can register for the next orientation session. If no volunteer orientation is currently listed but you’d like to get started, please email

For those willing to open up their homes and hearts, fostering is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.