Get Involved

We’re inspired by the young animal lovers in our community!

Whether it’s donating the day’s take from a lemonade stand, hand-making toys for shelter kitties, or choosing Marin Humane for their school community service hours, we’re grateful to these young animal advocates and applaud their generosity on behalf of the animals. Take a look at who’s made valuable contributions to Marin Humane.

If you’re a student and would like to do a special project that benefits the shelter animals, you can gather inspiration from the story below or collect items from our Wish List, get crafty and make toys for the shelter animals, or organize a fundraising event (bake sale, car wash, lemonade stand) and donate the proceeds to Marin Humane. Or, in lieu of gifts for your birthday or holiday, ask that donations be made to the animals in your honor!


Pet supplies for her birthday!

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A Barbie? A video game? An action figure? A movie? Instead of asking for gifts for her sixth birthday, Scarlet Epstein asked for pet supplies to help animals all over Marin through our Pet Care Assistance program. And just look how many she got! Scarlett learned all about generosity from her parents, who established Oskar’s …

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Good job!

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Marina McGowan did extra chores to raise $25 for the shelter animals! She has two cats at home who are Marin Humane alumni and is pictured here with Scout, one of our adoption cats. Thank you for your hard work, Marina!

Bake sales are the best!

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Isabelle from Kentfield raised $200 for the animals by setting up bake sales outside the post office on the weekends. We thank you – and the animals thank you! – for your generosity.

Happy Holidays!

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In the true spirit of the holidays, Owen and Arden Coibson of Novato asked for pet supplies for Christmas presents so they could donate them to Marin Humane. You made the shelter animals very happy – thank you! And check out their tee shirts – made by their grandmother!  

Random Acts of Kindness

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Denali, McKinley, and Bruce Hut dropped by our Novato campus to share their “random acts of kindness” this holiday season. They brought toys for the shelter animals to play with while wait to find their forever homes. You guys are the best!