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We’re inspired by the young animal lovers in our community!

Whether it’s donating the day’s take from a lemonade stand, hand-making toys for shelter kitties, or choosing Marin Humane for their school community service hours, we’re grateful to these young animal advocates and applaud their generosity on behalf of the animals. Take a look at who’s made valuable contributions to Marin Humane.

If you’re a student and would like to do a special project that benefits the shelter animals, you can gather inspiration from the story below or collect items from our Wish List, create donations for the shelter animals, or organize a fundraising event (bake sale, car wash, lemonade stand) and donate the proceeds to Marin Humane. Or, in lieu of gifts for your birthday or holiday, ask that donations be made to the animals in your honor!


Big smiley face :) thank you!

Categories: Compassion In Action
Sahi & Jeevan Raghupathy made 60 “emoji” cupcakes and 75 chocolate chip cookies to sell at the Tiburon Market – yum! They made $292 which they donated to Marin Humane to help the shelter animals. You guys are awesome!

Music to our ears!

Categories: Compassion In Action, Other
Eight year old Riley played the violin with a couple of her friends in front of The Depot in Mill Valley and raised $153 for Marin Humane – her favorite organization! She even made a sign for her violin case.  Thank you, Riley – you rock! Or should we say classical??

Plums galore!

Categories: Compassion In Action
If you had extra plums, what would you do? Make a pie? Make some jam? How about sell them in front of your house and raise money for the shelter animals? That’s exactly what these super-cool kids decided to do, and the animals are so grateful for the donation. Thank you so much!

Snuggley birthday donation

Categories: Compassion In Action
Sweet Violet recently her birthday and guess what she asked for in lieu of gifts? Donations to help the animals here at Marin Humane! Isn’t that awesome? In addition to our ending gratitude, she also got some snuggles from a cute kitten in return. Thank you so much!!

Exceptional birthday donation

Categories: Compassion In Action
Eva is exceptional! This gal celebrated her 11th birthday by bringing us a donation of $160, which she saved up in her change box. Thank you for helping us to help the animals, Eva!