Cremation and Euthanasia

Cremation and Euthanasia

We’re currently unable to offer euthanasia services to pet guardians. Please call us at 415.883.4621 for referrals, financial assistance, and other options. Cremation services are still available. 

We know just how difficult it can be to say goodbye to a beloved companion animal. When you’re ready, we can make your pet’s passing gentle and pain-free.

All animals are euthanized by a certified Animal Care Technician with a painless injection of sodium pentobarbital. Guardians are not present for the procedure.

The fees for euthanasia are as follows:

 Dog/Cat  $75
 Small Companion Animal  $20



Marin Humane offers the following pet cremation services. Please call 415.883.4621 for more information.

Private Cremation
 Under 2 lbs  $150
 2-25 lbs  $260
 26-50 lbs  $300
 51-75 lbs  $325
 76-100 lbs  $350
 101 lbs+  $375

Ashes are returned (allow 2 weeks) in a personalized cedar box.

Communal Cremation

Dogs and Cats $100
Small Companion Animals $25

General Disposition

Dogs and Cats $75 (free with euthanasia)
Small Companion Animals: to be determined

Marin Humane offers a free, virtual support group for those grieving the loss of a beloved pet. Join us on Zoom the first Monday of every month  for this meeting, coordinated by a grief counselor from Hospice by the Bay. Read more.