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Kitty quandaries or canine conundrums? We can help.

Whether you’ve just adopted your first dog and need help teaching him manners, looking to teach your kitty fun tricks (seriously!), ready to hit the agility course with your dog, or need help with a canine conundrum, Marin Humane is here to help!

We offer a variety of animal behavior services, including specialized training classes, private lessons, and behavior consultations. Our award-winning Behavior & Training department staff includes more than 20 instructors and behavior consultants and more than 50 volunteer assistants.

Animal Behavior Advice Lines

Give us a call! Our behavior advice lines are staffed by volunteers who are knowledgeable about dog, cat, and small companion animal (guinea pigs, bunnies, etc) behavior. These behavior specialists will try to solve your pet’s issues, whether it’s litterbox problems, destruction, or aggression. Occasionally, we’ll ask you to come in for a consult, and sometimes we’ll visit you and your critter at your home.

Cat Behavior Advice Line: 415.506.6284
Dog Behavior Advice Line: 415.506.6281
Small Companion Behavior Advice Line: 415.506.6225
(rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, reptiles, birds)

Dog Training Classes & Workshops

Our dog training classes and workshops are a great place for people and dogs to build a strong bond, and for dogs to become well-behaved family members. Review our Dog Training Classes FAQ.

Cat Classes & Workshops

We offer workshops on a variety of kitty and small companion animal topics.

Private Training & Behavior Consultations

Make an appointment with a behavior consultant who can answer any canine and feline behavior questions. We also offer private training sessions, ranging from the basics to the more advanced.

Training Handouts & Resources

Get access to dozens of handouts with behavior tips and training exercises for cats and dogs.

Questions? Email or call the Behavior & Training department at 415.506.6280.