Energetic and loving Aussie looking for a new home

Categories: No Place Like Home

Email: heathermarieivey@gmail.com
Phone number: 4154970848
Pet’s Location: Novato
Pet’s Species: Dog
Pet’s Name: Ollie
Pet’s Breed: Australian Shepherd
Pet’s Color: Black tricolor
Pet’s Age: 5 years
Pet’s Sex: Male
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: Yes
About the animal:

Ollie currently lives with his growing family that adopted him as a puppy and has spent the past 5 years hiking and adventuring with this loving and energetic boy. His family now has a toddler and new baby that make giving Ollie the exercise he needs a challenge. He has been extremely loving with the newest members of the family, but the toddler now tries to chase and grab Ollie, which makes us nervous. Ollie has never been aggressive toward children, but he has snapped at adults when he felt threatened. Ollie has a lot of energy and needs owners who can continue to train and challenge him as he is a working dog and has created his own jobs due to lack of stimulation. He now has to be kept separate from the family but can’t be in the backyard because he is taunted by squirrels and the territorial dog in the neighboring yard. Ollie does great with other dogs, but has a tendency to chase cats and barks at livestock. He has been fine with chickens though!

Notes from our trainer:
Ollie is a great dog. He is active, very intelligent, affectionate and friendly to other dogs. He is also pretty controlling, which falls well within normal Aussie temperament (there’s a reason we call them Bossy Aussies).

Ollie will need daily attention in the form of short training sessions. He needs experienced owners, with older children (or no kids), an active but well regimented home, and a desire to do a lot of training with an active dog.