Energetic 1 year old shepherd mix looking for new home with NO STINKIN’ CATS!

Categories: No Place Like Home

Email: elaubach@gmail.com
Phone number: 415-350-0001
Pet’s Location: Sebastopol
Pet’s Species: Dog
Pet’s Name: Keanu
Pet’s Breed: German shepherd / Rhodesian ridgeback
Pet’s Color: Reddish brown
Pet’s Age: 1 year
Pet’s Sex: Male
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: No
About the animal:

I am a GOOD BOY!
However, I do not happen to get along with cats and in my current family I have an older cat brother and I just want to eat him. I can’t help my natural instinct and built-in prey drive, but I would like to find a new home that doesn’t have a stinky cat ~ maybe that home is with you?
More about me: besides my obvious handsome good looks I am smart and athletic; housebroken; crate trained; healthy and up to date on vaccines; make a terrific watch dog; and have a short, easy to maintain coat. I just turned one in March so am a Pisces, and I do love to eat fish! In fact I am quite a chewer so love having bones, balls, ropes and treats around the house and as long as I have my chew toys I don’t bother any of your stuff. I am a shepherd/ridgeback mix which means I am a working dog breed, give me a task and I am on it but if left unguided I can get bored and frustrated. Hopefully you know some about my breed, we can be a handful if you’re not up to the task of a big energetic dog. I am 65 lbs now and svelte, I may fill out a bit after being neutered which is happening next week – wish me luck! I am a champion runner, jumper and baller, my best life would be in a home where I could be off leash in a large, fenced yard and running free, keeping your grounds secure of gophers and trespassers alike. I would also be great on a ranch or a farm with large animals. I am a manly working dog, not the kind of dog you dress up in sweaters and take to brunch.
I was a covid puppy so was not socialized young as I should have been and thus have anxiety around new people and new places, but I’m learning and getting more confident every day. My first family had 4 children and I loved them but as I got bigger they couldn’t handle me and wanted to take me to a shelter. That would have been terrible, I would be so anxious in that environment! My current family met me through social media and we love each other (except for the stupid cat I mentioned earlier) so I’m back on social media again looking for a forever home. I love hanging out with my people and am at my best when playing fetch in the yard or having a bone to gnaw on in the house while you work or watch TV. I have been to a training academy but frankly the place was a bit overwhelming for me and I didn’t learn very much but do have basic commands down. I am open to more training but was told that my anxiety just makes my learning process longer than other dogs. With more leash training I would love to go on long walks or trail hikes, or even go running with you every day, as I have plenty of youthful energy! I will need lots of love, daily exercise, and positive reinforcement to help me work past my anxiety and become the best boy I can be.