Cute, snuggly, senior Chihuahua mix Merlin looking for new home after owner passed away

Categories: No Place Like Home

Phone number: 8313168989
Pet’s Location: Clearlake, CA
Pet’s Species: Dog
Pet’s Name: Merlin
Pet’s Breed: Chihuahua (mainly), Basset Hound, Pekingese
Pet’s Color: Black and white (tuxedo)
Pet’s Weight/Size 22 lbs
Pet’s Age: 9 years
Pet’s Sex: Male
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: Yes
About the animal:

Merlin is accustomed to a mellow home. He likes snuggling under the blankets, laying in his owner’s lap, going out for adventures in new places, eating wet food, walking on leash, going to his kennel/crate, getting to know other dogs, and seeking his owner’s approval. He is social with other dogs. He is often shy with new people, but does accept positive attention and treats when he’s warmed up a little. I am looking for a new home for Merlin because he was my mother’s pet, and she passed away about 6 weeks ago and I have been looking for a new home ever since then, while also dealing with everything else that comes up when someone dies. I need help ASAP getting Merlin into a decent home, either permanent or foster, by next week, because I am an undergrad student living in a no-dogs apartment, and I am not in a position to adopt an animal right now; nor is my sister, or anyone else who was close to my mom, unfortunately.