Come meet Blue!

Categories: No Place Like Home

Phone number: 4153052008
Pet’s Species: Dog
Pet’s Name: Blue
Pet’s Breed: Pitbull
Pet’s Color: Grey and white
Pet’s Age: 8 months
Pet’s Sex: Male
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: Yes
Tell us about your animal:

Blue is an eight month old pitbull and is the sweetest guy ever. He’s lived his whole life with a young married couple and has been very spoiled as an only pet. He is very well socialized, will go up to anyone he meets and wants to play with every dog and cat he comes across.
Blue goes to the dog park every morning, loves to run around and play fetch, and at home loves to play some more, eat, cuddle and follow mom around the house.

Blue loves being around people and other dogs. I would love to find a home where the owners are around a lot, or where he has another companion. He has grown up in an apartment and has done just fine, but he would love a house with a yard, or just some extra space to roam free.
He is neutered, microchipped, potty trained, excellent off leash, and overall the best dog there is!