Pet emergency preparation champion!

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Reese developed a wonderful informational booth about disaster preparedness for pets that was displayed at her school. She provided her community with invaluable information about emergency preparedness for pets including checklists and print materials to raise awareness during wildfire season. Not only did she make all the artwork that adorned her booth, but she also …

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Lemonade for the animals

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Good friends Olivia, Willa, Mia, and Serena recently raised $75 from their lemonade and cookie stand. After some deliberation they decided to generously donate their hard earned cash to the animals of Marin Humane. Thank you girls for being a champion to the animals and for your giving spirit!

Homemade Treats for the Animals

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Sadie and Aashna, and their gaggle of friends Penelope, Anaya, Juniper, Sophie and Claire recently held a bake sale at Marinwood Park.  Selling an assortment of delicious cookies and treats, they raised $232 for the animals of Marin Humane. Thank you, Sadie, Aashna and friends for your hard work and generosity!

Lemonade for the animals!

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Sutton held a lemonade stand early in September with all $135.00 proceeds going to Marin Humane because she loves all the animals. Thank you Sutton for being a champion for the animals!

One Sweet Donation

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Addy, Claire, and Adelyn held a lemonade stand fundraiser at the Brookside School. They brought all $106.00 proceeds to Marin Humane for the animals. Thank you Addy, Claire, and Adelyn for your generosity!