Braided dog toys

Categories: Compassion In Action
Devon, Niko, and Xander dropped off braided dog toys made by their Nicasio 4H group for their community service project. You guys are awesome – the shelter dogs can’t wait to try them out!

Bake sale and lemonade!

Categories: Compassion In Action
Raine and Hannah held a bake sale and lemonade stand to raise funds for Marin Humane as part of a community service project with their school. They raised a total of $80! Thank you so much for thinking of the shelter animals!

Birthday donation

Categories: Compassion In Action
Violet asked for money for her birthday and saved some of her own to help the shelter animals. And her parents matched the amount! She donated a total of $250 – awesome! J.J. the adoption cat is thanking her for her generosity.

Every penny counts!

Categories: Compassion In Action, Other
Josi picks up pennies with her grandma when they are out walking, and she wanted to donate them to Marin Humane. That’s an awful lot of pennies! Josie – you’re awesome.

Resourceful spirit!

Categories: Compassion In Action
When Alizee wasn’t able to join our Roots and Shoots club, she decided to take on an independent community project instead. She spent 10 1/2 hours crafting these beautifully handmade toys for the shelter dogs and cats. We love her resourceful spirit – thank you, Alizee!