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Feeling overwhelmed by feline challenges? We can help! We offer free half-hour phone consultations with a behavior specialist. We also offer in-home and in-office consultations for a fee. Whether or not you adopted your kitty from Marin Humane, we’re here to help.

Fees are $45/hour for consultations at the shelter (please leave kitty at home) and $100/hour for in-home consultation + travel fees. Call 415-506-6284 or email

We can help with with litter box issues, introducing new cats or dogs, moving, feeding, aggression, and more. And if you have a kitty and are thinking of adding another, we can also help with that decision.

Cat Workshops

As any cat lover knows, cats are complex critters and their behvavior is largely misunderstood. First time cat and experienced cat guardians will learn tips and techniques for improving the relationship with their kitty and resolving behavioral problems. See our available workshops here.

Cat Behavior Resources

Cat Behavior Resources – Spanish

Cat Behavior Resources

Two Kittens Are Better Than One
Trimming Cat Nails and Preventing Furniture Scratching
Bringing Your New Cat Home
Cat And Dog Introductions
Cat Food And Feeding
Litter Box Issues
Well Behaved Kittens
Happy Stress Free Cats

Cat Behavior Resources – Spanish

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Does your cat need to go outside to be happy?

It’s a common belief that cats need to go outside but they don’t. Kitties can lead fabulous lives indoors! In fact, indoor cats live two to three times longer than cats that go outside.

When cats are indoors-only, they avoid being infested with fleas, ticks and worms, being unintentionally poisoned by things like rodent poison, or other much more harsh hazards like being hit by a car or being attacked by another animal.

Indoor cats appreciate an environmentally enriched home that will keep them stress free and healthy. Read the full Tails of Marin Article about keeping your cat happy.

Commercially Available Enclosures*
C & D Pet Products
Commercial kits and diagrams for enclosures available in various sizes and prices. Professional installation available. Also offers custom enclosures.
The Cat’s Den
Commercial kits for indoor and outdoor cat runs and enclosures.
My Pet Enclosures
Provides custom and DIY kits for indoor and outdoor cat enclosures.
Kitty Walk System
Various commercial enclosures for cats and other small animals. Most enclosures are preassembled.
SunCATcher Enclosures
Free-standing gazebo style outdoor cat enclosures for yard or patio.
Safe Kitty
Wooden Framed Enclosures.
C D & E
Modular Metal Enclosures

Portable Solutions*
Modular indoor/outdoor cat enclosures. Expandable and portable for RV use.
Wild Whiskers
Portable, light-weight, non-permanent cat enclosures.
Catio Spaces

Building your Own Enclosure*
Safe Cat Outdoor Enclosure
Detailed drawings and descriptions to create custom outdoor enclosures for cats and other small animals.
Creative Cat Enclosures
Also includes instructional links for building your own.
Community Concern for Cats
Lots of ideas for building your own enclosures.

Cat Fences*
Purrfect Fence
Commercial kits and instructions for free-standing cat fence systems.. And now offering “Cat-Proofer” system for converting existing fencing to make it escape-proof.
Do-it-yourself Cat Fence

*This list is provided as a resource and does not imply endorsement by the Marin Humane Society