Above & Beyond

Advocacy starts at any age! Students can get involved with our Service Clubs.

Thank you for wanting to share your time and passion in helping animals and people in our community!

Student volunteering and community service opportunities

Our on-campus Youth Opportunities working directly at the shelter are for students 5th grade and above. We also host humane birthday parties for younger students, along with shelter tours on our campus and humane education lessons presented in schools.

Applications for the Fall Clubs are now open and will be accepted through August 23, 2022. 

Apply today!

If you’re in need of community service hours for your school, please consider completing an independent project to help the animals at Marin Humane. Check out our Compassion In Action page for information on independent projects and get your photo added to the page after you complete your project.

Student Service Clubs – offered for 5th through 12th grades

Our student service clubs bring students to our campus to give them a forum to help animals and support our mission. The clubs are a semester long and require an application, activity fee ($50), and training. Each club has 12 members per semester and meet every other week. If necessary, a lottery is used to choose members.

What do Student Service Clubs do?
To read more about student service club activities, visit our Student Service Club blog.

Animal Care Club – 5th and 6th grade (no prerequisite)
Animal Care Club introduces students to Marin Humane’s programs, the workings of an animal shelter, and humane issues. Each meeting involves a project and animal time. The club meets every other week on Mondays for one semester.

Junior Roots & Shoots – 7th and 8th grade (no prerequisites)
Senior Roots & Shoots – 9th through 12th grade (no prerequisites)
As part of a global youth community service project started by Dr. Jane Goodall, our Roots & Shoots clubs work on projects to help animals and the environment in Marin County and beyond. The club meets every other week after school and is one semester long. Both Roots and Shoots Clubs meet on Wednesdays.

Student Advocates Club – 7th through 12th grade
(Prerequisite: Completion of one semester of Roots & Shoots)
NOTE: We are not able to offer our Student Advocates Club at this time.
Our Student Advocates Club is for students who’ve completed a semester of our Roots & Shoots club and want to continue helping animals and the environment in Marin County and beyond. The club will focus on advocacy goals related to Marin Humane’s work and the students’ interests and passions. The club meets once a month on Wednesdays for one semester.

Student Internship Program – 9th through 12th grade
(Prerequisite: Completion of Animal Care Club or Roots & Shoots Club)
NOTE: We are not able to offer our Student Internship Program at this time.

Student Interns are able to learn first hand by working in a variety of departments at Marin Humane. This opportunity allows them to be a part of our work and prepares them to become student volunteers. Interns also pick a specific humane issue they’re passionate about, create a research paper on the subject, and present their findings to the intern group. Internships are a semester long and require an application, activity fee, and training. Student Internship applications are available upon request to eligible students. Please request an application by emailing the Youth Programs Coordinator.

Student Volunteers

After completing a Student Internship, there are special ongoing student volunteer opportunities available in a variety of departments at Marin Humane. Student Volunteer assignments will depend on departmental needs.
NOTE: Without our Student Internship Program we are not able to offer new Student Volunteer opportunities.

All of the above programs can count towards community service hours for school requirements. For more information please contact the Youth Programs Coordinator.