Above & Beyond

We’re inspired by the young animal lovers in our community!

Whether it’s donating the day’s take from a lemonade stand, hand-making toys for shelter kitties, or choosing Marin Humane for their school community service hours, we’re grateful to these young animal advocates and applaud their generosity on behalf of the animals. Take a look at who’s made valuable contributions to Marin Humane.

If you’re a student and would like to do a special project that benefits the shelter animals, you can gather inspiration from the story below. If you’re completing your project for community service hours, contact our Humane Education coordinator at 415.506.6288 for more information. You can collect items from our Wish List, coordinate a pet food drive for our Pet Care Assistance program, or organize a fundraising event (bake sale, car wash, lemonade stand) and donate the proceeds to Marin Humane. Another idea is to ask that in lieu of gifts for your birthday or holiday, donations be made to the animals in your honor!


Dinner box donation!

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Grant and his brother Gunnar passed around a donation box at their family’s Hanukkah dinner, saying that they wanted to help a dog and a kitty. They came in with their grandmother to make their donation. You guys are awesome! The shelter dogs and cats thank you!

Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies!

Categories: Blog, Compassion In Action
Ian held a bake sale featuring chocolate chip cookies that he made, and raised $72! Not only is he donating the money to the shelter, but his church, the Nativity Church in San Rafael, is going to match his donation! The animals thank you, Ian!

Paintings for the animals!

Categories: Blog, Compassion In Action
Francesca made paintings to sell at a fair and decided to donate the $30 she earned to the shelter. The animals thank you for your generous donation!

Lemonade for the animals!

Categories: Blog, Compassion In Action
Noemi and her friend Madeleine held a lemonade stand to help raise money for the animals. Together they raised close to $150! That’s a lot of lemonade! Thank you both for your generosity!

Thank you, sibs!

Categories: Blog, Compassion In Action
Siblings Annie, Jemima, and Rupert hosted a fundraiser for Rupert’s Scout project. They sold blankets and cat wand toys, and accepted donations for the rest of the items to be donated to Marin Humane. They brought us $354 along with the items! It’s so nice to see families working together to help the animals – …

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