Above & Beyond

We’re inspired by the young animal lovers in our community!

Whether it’s donating the day’s take from a lemonade stand, hand-making toys for shelter kitties, or choosing Marin Humane for their school community service hours, we’re grateful to these young animal advocates and applaud their generosity on behalf of the animals. Take a look at who’s made valuable contributions to Marin Humane.

If you’re a student and would like to do a special project that benefits the shelter animals, you can gather inspiration from the story below or collect items from our Wish List, get crafty and make toys for the shelter animals, or organize a fundraising event (bake sale, car wash, lemonade stand) and donate the proceeds to Marin Humane. Or, in lieu of gifts for your birthday or holiday, ask that donations be made to the animals in your honor!


Lending a paw with lemonade!

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As the saying goes: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade! Summer and Lauren decided that lemonade would be the best way to help our shelter animals and we’re so glad they did. These two managed to raise $58 for the animals. Way to go, girls! We’re so grateful!

Financial wizardry!

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Ari and Marlow raised $77 for the shelter animals at Marin Humane by hosting a lemonade stand. They then combined the money they raised with their allowances, along with some money they received from their grandparents! The animals thank you, Ari and Marlow, both for your generosity and your financial wizardry!

Cole’s birthday party!

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Cole Marker of San Rafael just celebrated his 4th birthday, and look at the presents he received! Luckily for us, Cole decided to donate his gifts to the shelter dogs at Marin Humane. They can’t wait to play with the toys! Thanks Cole – you’re pawsome!

Pawsome Pet Toys

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Neil Cummins Elementary School was given a grant through Real World Scholars to start a student run business. Supervised by third grade teacher Tegan McGuiness, they decided to make dog and cat toys with all proceeds going to animals in need from the Northern California wildfires. Students learned the whole process from business name, business …

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Woo-hoo! Take me to the fun!

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Isabelle Nicandri, along with a few of her friends, made an amazing array of fun, entertaining, and enticing toys for the shelter dogs. They can’t wait to try them out! Thank you, Isabelle, for helping us take good care of the dogs while they’re waiting to meet their new families. Let the fun begin!’