Above & Beyond

We’re inspired by the young animal lovers in our community!

Whether it’s donating the day’s take from a lemonade stand, DIY projects for the animals, hand-making toys for shelter kitties, or choosing Marin Humane for their school community service hours, we’re grateful to these young animal advocates and applaud their generosity on behalf of the animals. Take a look at who’s made valuable contributions to Marin Humane.

If you’re a student and would like to do a special project that benefits the shelter animals, please contact our Humane Education Coordinator by email at education@marinhumane.org or call 415.506.6288. We can guide you to a project that will benefit the animals and if you need community service hours how your work translates into hours.

You can collect items from our Wish List, coordinate a pet food drive for our Pet Care Assistance program, or organize a fundraising event (bake sale, car wash, lemonade stand) and donate the proceeds to Marin Humane. Another idea is to ask that in lieu of gifts for your birthday or holiday, donations be made to the animals in your honor!


Cozy Blankets for Kittens

Categories: Blog, Compassion In Action
When it comes to kittens there isn’t much they love more than cozy fleece blankets. Thank you to the Tiger Den Cub Scouts of Pack 85 for crafting these amazing new blankets for our many kittens and for your compassion and generosity!

Lemonade for the Animals

Categories: Blog, Compassion In Action
Chloe was inspired to raise money for the animals with a lemonade stand after her family recently adopted their sweet dog, Nala, from Marin Humane. Thank you Chloe for your generosity and showing us that kindness and compassion can start at any age!

Art for the Animals

Categories: Blog, Compassion In Action
Little Nova was kind enough to take time to paint some pictures for the animals of Marin Humane and the staff that cares for them. Thank you Nova for showing us that age doesn’t matter when it comes to compassion!

Chore Champion

Categories: Blog, Compassion In Action
Over several weeks Meredith saved up her money from doing chores around the house and decided to put her earnings towards helping the animals of Marin Humane. The cherry on top was that she was able to get her school, Hamilton Middle School, to match her donation. Thank you Meredith for being a champion to …

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