Above & Beyond

Being a voice for the voiceless.

Since its founding in 1907, Marin Humane has been a leading voice when it comes to advocating for animals. It’s something that’s ingrained in our DNA.

Our Advocacy Committee is made up of a diverse group of passionate people–from a former prosecutor, to a veterinarian, to an expert in animal law, and others. The committee tracks local and national legislation related to animals, focusing on three key areas on which to concentrate the board’s attention and recommend action to the staff of Marin Humane.

– Farm animal welfare

– Pets bred for retail sale (puppy mills)

– Wild animals used in entertainment

Marin Humane has played a leading or major role in virtually all of California’s animal welfare improvements in recent decades, including:

– Banning trophy hunting of mountain lions (Prop 117, 1990)

– Banning traps & poisons on wildlife (Prop 4, 1998)

– Developing the first county-funded nonlethal predator program (2000)

– Establishing local regulations for all animal business entities

– Developing state legislation strengthening animal neglect and cruelty statutes.