Above & Beyond

See how we go above and beyond your average animal shelter.

While caring for homeless animals and placing them in loving homes is the backbone of what we do, we go much further. Our groundbreaking programs help kids who are struggling to read gain confidence through the simple act of reading to a dog, help keep guardians and beloved pets together in times of financial hardship or illness, provide a safe space for people with disabilities to interact with animals, and so much more.

We go beyond our physical boundaries by bringing in adoptable animals from overcrowded shelters throughout the state to ensure more animals find their forever homes (and lessening the euthanasia rate at those shelters).

We advocate for animals, too. Whether it’s lending our voice to end the cruel use of bullhooks on elephants, promoting peaceful coexistence with wildlife, or promoting cruelty-free cosmetics, we’ve never been afraid to speak up and speak out.

Community EngagementCommunity Engagement - Share a Book

From kids to seniors, over the last 30 years, thousands of people in Marin have been touched by our Community Engagement program.

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Pet Partnership Program at Marin HumaneWhen we partner with other organizations, we find that it benefits more than the animals – it helps people, too.

Pet Partnership Program | Pen Pals of San Quentin | Feral Cats






Advocacy at Marin HumaneSince its founding in 1907, Marin Humane has been a leading voice when it comes to advocating for animals. It’s ingrained in our DNA.