A pair of guinea pigs named Felicia and Selena

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Email: jsretavan@gmail.com
Phone number: 4155053834
Pet’s Location: Tiburon CA
Pet’s Species: Small Companion
Pet’s Name: Felicia & Selena
Pet’s Breed: Guinea pigs
Pet’s Color: black and white
Pet’s Age: 5 years
Pet’s Sex: Female
Spayed/neutered: No
Microchip: No
About the animal:

A pair of female guinea pigs (sisters) named Felicia and Selena, aged 5 yrs. We adopted them about 2.5 years ago from Marin Humane Society. They are in great health, docile and quiet. We adopted a dog recently and have too many animals to care for at home. They only need to be fed twice a day, cage cleaned every 3 days. Very sweet, great with smaller children